4-Person Comprehensive Emergency Kit


Meets the recommendations of Oregon Office of Emergency Management and the American Red Cross, Cascades Region. Our most extensive, all-inclusive kit.  Includes 2 weeks of water storage and comforting hot meals, plus the tools and personal safety gear to help you weather the first 2 weeks after an earthquake. Kit highlights include: emergency stove and kitchen supplies, freeze dried food with a 25-year shelf life, water filter + purifier, emergency toilet system and planning blueprint. See full contents below.


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Kit Contents

*Per Person

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent Kit!

The comprehensive kit is wonderfully stocked with everything you may need in an emergency situation. The quality of the supplies are top grade. Marilyn has done an amazing job at building these kits with care and wisdom, and skillfulness. I have more peace of mind knowing that I have some necessary supplies if an emergency happens. And it was such a pleasure working with her, and supporting a top notch local woman's run business!

Tony Steele
You have no idea the relief we feel!

We have been "preparing" by randomly purchasing various items we thought might be helpful during an emergency/earthquake situation for a few years on and off but never had any organization or a real plan in place. Cascadia Quake Kits helps not only solve our random attempts to be prepared, but provides us will very helpful information and education about what we need to do and in what order when an emergency arises. Marilyn's helpful tips, detailed instructions, and videos have provided so much relief that we now, for the first time ever, feel prepared. Thank you, Marilyn, for providing such a wonderful service!

Oops. I reviewed the one-person kit and we actually purchased the 2-person comprehensive kit!

Barbara von Behren
Earthquake kit

I am so pleased that I finally took action and bought the Cascadia quake kit. It is excellent. Marilyn is thorough and easy to work with. That the kit is specifically designed for the Pacific NW is so helpful. I had tried to put together my own kit, and found it to be stressful and incomplete, difficult to package, and confusing. With this kit everything is packaged well and it follows an intuitive, logical system, which will help in the thoes of inevitable panic and fear should a quake occur. There are steps and items I had never thought about and that is so helpful. Obviously I hope I never need to use the kit, but it makes me a lot less fearful to have made this preparatory step. I bought a kit for my adult children and I consider it one of the best gifts of love I could give them. Thank you, Marilyn

Reena Gupta
Feeling prepared

What a gift to get yourself - the gift of confidence and to stop worrying.
I highly recommend these kits for those of us who need help in preparing.
Thank you!

Claire Scott
Fabulous product and service!

Like so many people, I had disaster preparation on my to-do list for ages, but never made any progress. We couldn't be happier with our Cascadia Quake Kit. It's so comprehensive and Marilyn does all of the research to find quality items. Marilyn was very responsive to our needs. She personalized our kit and showed us where to find 10-year, shelf-stable stable food that was vegan. I have recommended Cascadia Quake Kits to numerous people already!

Haley Rose Caforio
Celebrating Cascadia Earthquake Kit!

We are thrilled that we are now the owners of a Comprehensive Cascadia Earthquake Kit for 2-persons. It's been on our to-do list for a long time and we finally did it! Marilyn Bishop was fabulous to work with! We just watched the You Tube videos with details about all the items in our kit. It is a huge relief to have such a well-organized and well-researched kit. This kit is one of the best investments I've ever made! Thank you! Our next purchase with be the travels versions for each of our cars.

Anna Hejinian
Peace of Mind from an Oregon-based, woman-owned business

We'd been meaning to get Cascadia-prepared for years but the task always seemed so overwhelming.... Finding a resource like Marilyn's company felt like a huge gift. It is obvious from the way the kit is organized that a huge amount of research, thought, and care went into every decision. From a customer service standpoint, I can't say enough good things. We needed a weekend pickup and Marilyn was not only willing to accommodate our request but was also very generous with her time as we peppered her with questions! It feels good to support an Oregon-based and woman-owned business. Most importantly, I know this is the best investment I could have made for my family's safety and wellbeing once the rocking and rolling stops.

Blake Mitchell
I feel prepared

I've lived in San Francisco for well over 20 years, and I have never been properly provisioned for an earthquake, until now! The tote and jugs are rugged and easy to move, and all the instructions are clear and right at hand. Everything in the kit appears of high quality, and I can't think of anything missing. Thanks Marilyn, I feel prepared.

Scott Beeman
A good decision for any emergency

Best decision we have made after solar on our house. The kit is complete, each item is easy to understand, very handy container for storage. We also learned a lot from the included work list, how to prepare for pets, medical information and personal items. We were so impressed we are going to order a 3 day car pack.

Jenny Talbert
We finally have everything we need!

After years of trying to put together an emergency kit on my own, I was very happy to find Cascadia Quake Kits. I went with the 2 person comprehensive kit and am very pleased with the quality and the thoughtfulness of the items. Marilyn is easy to work with and was helpful in determining the needs of our household. My husband is studying to become a geologist specializing in hazard and emergency management and knowing we will are prepared for whatever disaster comes our way is very comforting. I was able to easily fit all these items in our 700 square foot apartment so don't think you need a large house to be ready for an earthquake!

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