9 things to add to your emergency preparedness kit

In addition to having two weeks of water, food and emergency supplies, add these important items to your Cascadia earthquake kit. 

1   Vital prescription medications: 2 week supply + a complete list of all prescriptions

2   Prescription eyewear: spare eyeglasses/contact lenses with cleaning solution Tip: when           you get new glasses, put your old ones in your earthquake kit.

3   Cash: small denominations (ATM’s won’t work)

4   Extra keys: home, car, office etc.

5   USB cord to charge your phone via your hand-cranked emergency radio

6   Baby supplies/Menstrual supplies (if relevant): include diapers and wipes. Tip: Menstrual            supplies can be great first-aid tools.

7   Sturdy shoes for each family member, extra set of clothes

8   Comfort items for small children: stuffed animals, games, gummy bears...

Comfort items for adults: instant coffee, whiskey, chocolate...

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