Starter Get-Home Pack


Have indispensable supplies in your car and at work after an earthquake or other emergency. The Starter Get-Home Pack has 3 days of survival water & food, plus a first-aid kit and important personal protective gear. Have the basic tools to keep you warm, safe and healthy while you make your way home. Great foundation, add to it over time. Note: the physical water in this kit is minimum survival amount per day in refillable bottle, not 1 gallon per day.   


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*Per Person

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Customer Reviews

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Tammy W
Getting there...

It's hard to prepare for "the big one" or any other emergency. It can be daunting. You want to get it right and you aren't really sure what right is. I decided that a small step was better than no step at all after going through the emergency kit I'd put together years ago and realizing most of it was junk now. I decided to order the Starter Get-Home Pack to see what the quality was like before I poured any more money into anything. I was pleasantly surprised by and pleased with the quality. I'll be honest, it's probably less expensive (if you don't count your time) to drive around and buy all the different pieces and put them in a pack but the reality is that my time is valuable and, frankly, I probably would never have done it. So, now I have marked this off my list and I'm ordering some other supplies through Cascadia so I can GET IT DONE and BE PREPARED.

Mackenzie McAninch
Strongly recommend

The kit came as advertised and I couldn't be more thrilled to be prepared for the worst.

Pedro Gomez
Finally feel ready for anything!

After having a quake kit on my to-do list for two years, I'm so happy I found CQK and Marilyn. I had been so overwhelmed with having to think about what I should put in my kit and buying all of the elements individually, luckily CQK made it so easy. The entire process was so seamless and I really enjoyed how personable the team was when I picked up my kit. Marilyn even went out of her way to remind me to throw a phone charger in the kit and that she was always available if I had any other questions. I would highly recommend CQK!

Prepping for the Big One Cascadia Quake Kit Style

Just received my Cascadia Quake Kits order and am so excited to be better prepared for whatever may come our way. After spending the past few years trying to create my own kits (I got stuck trying to figure out the food I needed) I found Cascade Quake Kits and my problems were solved. I purchased car kits for everyone in my family and Essential Kits for me and my adult children. At the moment I am waiting for the Pet Kit to be available so our pet can be prepared as well. Thanks Cascadia Quake Kits for setting our minds at ease, at least in regards to potential earthquake.

Sandy Greene
Feeling Prepared Wherever I Drive!

I am very pleased with the Starter Get-Home Packs I purchased from Cascadia - for my car and my husband’s. The quality is excellent! Now if we are on the road when an earthquake or other emergency hits, we will be prepared while we make our way to safety. Such a great feeling! Thank you Cascadia Quake Kits!


Great to hear you are happy with the packs! It's so important to have emergency supplies in the car and I'm glad it feels good. It was a pleasure helping you.


Sara S
Highly recommend!

I'm so excited about Cascadia Quake Kits! Everything--from the website to the order process to the quality of the product--is excellent. Marilyn delivered my kits (ordered some for Christmas gifts) and explained the contents. Written preparation recommendations was a bonus I hadn't expected. I've been meaning to create a disaster kit for YEARS, but it seemed so daunting to gather all those supplies, it just kept slipping to the bottom of the to do list. I feel great about now having a kit for my husband and me, and also for giving kits to my kids and my sister-in-law for gifts.

Local company that gives back to the community

I ordered 2 of the basic car packs for my wife and I. I am very happy with these to start off our preparedness. We look forward to purchasing the home kits soon. Glad that you are a local company and also giveback to the community.

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