Essential Get-Home Pack


This robust pack is filled with the critical tools and safety supplies you’ll need to be warm, safe and healthy for 3 days if an emergency strikes when you're away from home. It contains the same survival water and food as the Starter Kit, plus the ability to purify and carry additional water. Use the hand-cranked radio with NOAA Weather Band to stay informed, charge your cellphone, sound a siren, or use it’s flashlight to brighten the night. The Essential Kit also adds an emergency shelter and additional tools and hygiene items. Contents listed below. Note: the physical water in this kit is minimum survival amount per day in refillable bottle + water purification tabs, not 1 gallon per day. 


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Kit Contents

*Per Person

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Customer Reviews

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Daniel Hackney
Go-bag for coastal stays

Got it to have something to grab quickly in case of coast evacuation. Nice kit and Marilyn is great!

Perfect for the Car

We've gotten a number of products with Cascadia Quake Kits and have been very happy with all of them. I'm happy to say that Get-Home Pack Essential is no exception. Having something like this ready for on the go was the last piece of gear we needed for our emergency preparedness and we're happy to feel the relief that we know we're covered no matter where we are.

Ann K.
Security in travel

Having an Essential Get Home pack adds security to travel away from home. As with the Comprehensive Home kit, the materials used are very durable and the items included carefully chosen. We’re fortunate Marilyn started her business to help all of us be safer and well prepared.


I'm really impressed with how much gear and supplies fit into this go-pack.
Since I travel for work all over the metro area, it's great to know that I've got what I need to ditch the car and head back if needed.
I've had other kits over the years and this one is the best value I've had yet.
Thanks, Marilyn for saving me hours and hours of time putting this together.

You are so welcome Timothy! Glad you're psyched with the pack, it's a good one.

julie krim

Essential Get-Home Pack

Thanks Julie!

Excellent Kit

This 3 day kit has all the essentials we need when on the road. I feel more at ease knowing it is there. Thanks for making it so easy to get prepared.


So glad to help you with your Get-Home Pack; now you'll have emergency supplies wherever you go! Thanks for your review :)


Melanie D.
Thorough and organized

Having this kit in my car relieves so much anxiety about getting stranded. My daughter and I commute together daily to school and work. I feel so much better knowing that we have this thorough and organized kit to help us through an emergency.

Hi Melanie, thanks for your review! It's great to hear that having the Get-Home Pack in your car gives you a sense of relief. We feel better having them in our cars too :) Great job taking this preparedness step! -Marilyn

Perfect to satisfy your worried parents

I moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 2019, and within the first month of living here, there were the Ridgecrest Earthquakes. These quakes were nothing too serious, but it did lead to several calls from my worried parents thinking I was going to fall into the Pacific Ocean. My dad insisted I prepare for a quake, and did hours of research. He ordered me the "Essential Get-Home Pack" and demanded I unpack it while FaceTiming him.

I must say, both my father and I were very impressed. The kit came in a high-quality backpack and had several stickers in the box (perfect for a water bottle). The gear inside the backpack was plentiful and well organized. I was blown away by the quality of the gear, the stuff all seemed pretty heavy-duty and rugged, and gave the impression that it might actually work in a disaster situation! I was expecting an assortment of low-quality plastic stuff from amazon repackaged into a backpack, but this was not the case with my kit! My german father decided to go with Cascadia for this exact reason, and if the quality is good enough for a German, then you know the kit is impressive! (If you're wondering, yes, the first thing he did when he visited me in LA, he went through it very, very carefully)

The only issue I have with the kit is that my inner child wants to play with all of the toys inside of it whenever I lay eyes on the backpack, and fighting the urge to is not easy. Though the mask did come in very handy during the COVID Pandemic.

<p></p><p>Thanks Chris, I'm so glad that your German father with high standards deemed that the 72-Hour Get-Home Pack passed muster! Love that story! -Marilyn</p>


High quality. Well thought out. Contains everything I need. Beautifully packaged and easy to store. I highly recommend Cascadia Quake Kits.
I feel safer knowing I have such an emergency kit in my car should anything happen in earthquake prone California. Best preparedness kit I have seen. Thanks, Cascadia.

Diana B.
Peace of mind

Living in an area of California that is susceptible to earthquakes, wildfires, and you name it, we feel a strong level of comfort knowing that we both have our essential get-home packs in our vehicles. We all know it is the right thing to do; getting it done is the problem. Having the research done and essential items put together by Cascadia made it easy. Thank you!

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