Comprehensive Get-Home Pack


We took the already robust Essential Get-Home Pack and added some upgrades. You’ll have the same survival water, food, tools and safety supplies to keep you warm, safe and healthy for 3 days. Plus, we’ve added the GRAYL® Ultralight Filter + Purifier enabling you to easily purify and carry additional water. Enjoy added hands-free light with the LED headlamp and appreciate additional comfort and hygiene items. Use the hand-cranked radio with NOAA Weather Band to stay informed, charge your cellphone, sound a siren, or use it’s flashlight to brighten the night. Contents listed below. Note: the physical water in this kit is minimum survival amount per day in refillable bottle + water purifier, not 1 gallon per day. 


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Kit Contents

*Per Person

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Customer Reviews

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Tony Steele
Excellent products that could save our lives one day!

We have been "preparing" by randomly purchasing various items we thought might be helpful during an emergency/earthquake situation for a few years on and off but never had any organization or a real plan in place. Cascadia Quake Kits helps not only solve our random attempts to be prepared, but provides us will very helpful information and education about what we need to do and in what order when an emergency arises. Marilyn's helpful tips, detailed instructions, and videos have provided so much relief that we now, for the first time ever, feel prepared. We purchased both the 2-person comprehensive kit as well as two of the comprehensive get home pack, one for each of our vehicles. Just know ing that we'll be able to make it home in the event of an emergency and then have everything we need when we get there provides so much stress relief! Thank you, Marilyn, for providing such a wonderful service!

Mary and Steve
2-person/3-day pack

What a relief to discover Marilyn and her Cascadia Quake Kits! Putting together an earthquake kit has been on my "to do" list for years (and I do mean years!!), but we never got past the point of storing up some water....the rest of it just felt overwhelming and confusing as I compared information from FEMA, Red Cross, etc and thought about the process of obtaining all the different suggested items and trying to figure out which ones were reliable and reputable. Now that we have taken the first step of obtaining our 3-day pack from Marilyn, that was the "jump start" we needed to get going on other preparations. We plan to keep Marilyn's bag as our "grab and go" by the front door and are working on creating another smaller bag of more personalized items (medications, paperwork, etc) to keep with it to supplement it. In the future we will be contacting Marilyn again to get bags for our vehicles, while working on gathering items to store at our house in case we need to shelter-in-place for an extended period of time. Marilyn not only was a great resource for supplying us with the bag of items, but also to problem-solve with us about where to store items, suggestions for containers, how to sign up for public alerts, how to find out where our closest neighborhood communication center would be in an emergency, etc. It's clear from our interactions with Marilyn that this is not just a business for her...she is knowledgeable and passionate about her mission to help us all be as informed and safe as possible. We feel relieved to have taken this first step and highly recommend Cascadia Quake Kits to others!! :)

Everything is taken care of!

It's 2020; and I have forbidden myself or anyone around me from saying "what else could go wrong?!" But found myself imagining worse case scenarios from time to time. Truly, after ordering and receiving my Earthquake Preparedness Kit from Cascadia Quake Kits, I feel at ease - at least around the earthquake worries. I started with the Car Kit, and am saving up for the full 2 week/all-the-people-in-my-household Home Kit. I had considered sourcing all the material myself - but WHY?! With the Cascadia Kit, it's complete, done, and high quality. Plus - Marilyn was a pleasure to work with. I hope to never have to use this equipment, really. But I like to sleep through the night and worry about other things through the day. I recommend Cascadia very highly!

Cody Benthin

Comprehensive Get-Home Pack

So glad to help you prepare Cody!

Wonderful business and support

I purchased the Comprehensive Get-Home Pack for two. My husband and I call this our "Grab & Go pack" and keep at home. We both work from home and see this as the first essential to grab in an emergency. We also plan to bring it on long car vacation trips.

After looking at different lists for emergency packs I found on the internet, and trying to build my own, I found it very expensive and time consuming. Consequently I researched companies that created them. I chose Marilyn Bishop's company, Cascadia Quake Kits.

Marilyn has clearly put a lot of effort and thought into making this as thorough, efficient and economic as possible. The pack was far cheaper than putting it together myself. Additionally she uses all local products where possible. She was a delight to work with with fast, informative responses. She addressed any concerns I had immediately.

I highly recommend Marilyn Bishop's company, Cascadia Quake Kits.


It was so great to help you guys out and I'm happy you're pleased with the pack. My goal is to simplify the process so that more people will take action and prepare. Great job Vickie!


Andrew M.

It’s reassuring to have this in my car trunk.

Geoffrey M.

The pack is very carefully curated and very nicely arranged. We have it in the trunk of our car, where it gives us a feeling of security.

Robert Hopkins

Although We haven’t needed to make use of it yet, the pack seems to be complete, compact, attractive and assembled with care, I purchased additional packs for my childrens’ families.

Royal S.
Well worth the money

It became clear that our family needed to be prepared for a potential disaster when we had our beautiful little girl. We we want to give her the best chance when an earthquake comes our way. Preparing for a disaster is overwhelming, especially with a family. Luckily, in our search, we stumbled upon Cascadia Quake Kits. Upon delivery they even took the time to walk us through and review everything in the kit as well as helped assess and provide additional recommendations to our current disaster plan. The time saved and the peace of mind knowing that we are that much closer to being prepared is well worth the money. Thank you!

Michael H.
There's no easier way to be prepared (and aware) than these kits.

The Cascadia Quake Kits are comprised of well-made, quality items assembled by someone of experience, freeing me of the need to spend time researching and assembling what I would need to look after myself after such a natural disaster. The kits I was finding through researching online all looked cheap and incomplete. It wasn't until I became aware of Marilyn and her Quake Kits from an article in the Portland Tribune that I knew I found someone who understood what someone living in the CSZ really needed. After that, it was not a difficult decision to make the monetary investment and I purchased kits for my home and car. Having these core tools and supplies in place is a great relief.

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